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Virtual ART vrs really boring Prints!

Joan has been creating virtual artworks on Second Life and uses several software programs to do this. There are many possibilities on  virtual platforms to add features to art already created in the real world, and there is a 'degree of difficulty in keeping ones attention focused' states Joan after discovering the application of movement and sound to her art.

Virtual Audio On ART

Audio can be attached to your art in several ways. Joan has been studying 3D and 4D sound with the intention of recording special sounds for her artworks already shown in Galleries on Second Life.  It is possible to kern sounds creating a 3 D experience. This addition allows more freedom to the creator to tell a fuller story to the audience.. STEREO Sounds adds depth to the event of experiencing art.

Virtual Movement

On Virtual Worlds one can alter the Gravity, Wind movement, DayLight and more.

Once an Object has been created it can have several Features altered which render the Textures, Light, Rigidity and Movement etc. By adding Second Life 'SCRIPTS' to Joan's ART Objects, she can transform any image or object into an interactive display.