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Australian Art and Luxury Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster






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of Red inspired Finishes

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Charge your Room with Warmth!

This is a great Finish for a Dining Room or Study. The main view is of a ripe and dense Red Tint and accented with a deeper and darker Red Antique application. The over all mood that this Finish reflects is quiet and casual yet it can be played around with by your choice of Furnishings to attract a more active response. A Ceiling Rossette and Vents can make an attractive Suite of decorative Plaster.

Bayside Plum Red Fine Finish


Antique Red and Gilding

This Luxury Finish combination has a Chinese flavour. Faux Gold leaf is applied in a finely cracked Finish on an underlay of  a rich ochre Tint. To create a bold and attractive appearance we have Antiqued with Chinese red. The durable Finish is a High Gloss and is easily cared for.

Red Tints and Gilding


Juicy Orange


Fresh and Inviting

This bright Juicy Orange Fine Finish is just great for a Room requiring an update. Accents can be any other Fruit colours , such as 'Lemon Yellow' or  a 'Kiwi Green'. Very cheerful and refreshing, this Fine Finish is an excellant choice for a Day Room.