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Australian Art and Luxury Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster

Ned Kelly Gang Sculptures


Being asked to make a model and mold for a Ned Kelly Statue requested by a Geelong ceramist was one of the more interesting challenges to come Joans' way.

A lot of reading on 'the Kellly Era' led to the modelling of a clay sculpture. A latex mould was made from this clay model. A cast using a casting plaster was made. The casting was finely carved and a new latex mold was created. The final casting was carved with even more detail and can now be used to make a plaster ceramic casting mould (to be made by the ceramist).

This challenge led to more reading and the idea to create jugs using different characters from the Kelly Gang evolved. At the moment only the Mrs Kelly Jug is available for veiwing on this site.

These sculptures were created with idea that they would one day be used as models for casting ceramic JUGS. They have been tinted and shellaced to decorate and protect the plaster from damage.





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