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 Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang






 Over many years we have created all kinds of ART

featuring the Ned Kelly Gang.

You will find paintings, sculpture and now for the first time you can

 visit our ART Gallery on the virtual world of Second Life®.

 We have included AUDIO & Animation to our 3D Artworks!

You can collect our virtual ARtwork InWorld and

 also for your personal enjoyment

 download free @ v PRINTS



This is a clip from a  great painting,

the first ArchiSpray Painting I did on a Canvas.

This hooded spector represents the Kelly's and their Gang.






These red hued clips are from one of only two oil paintings relating to Kelly




 12" x 20" stretched canvas 2005




 Sunset Killers SlideshowGALLERY


See Ya!

Image from 'Guns and Horses'

 I love this one (the horse makes me smile :  ) 

 and use it on our Liquor website as a LoGo and Talking Ad 


Stand Back!

Image from 'Guns and Horses'




 Turn Back!

 Image from 'Kellys Cooking Show'

This virtual ART Show uses a unique software developed for scientific measurements of PIXELS. Called PIXCAVATOR, Student/Trial download available and also a Gallery for Artists showing how they have used the software to create effects on their Images.

Visit the Show to see more ART!



The Letter

 Created on Linen covered Board


 This dipicts the hold up of the Gang whilst being pursued and tracked.





 The Gang had a Hut hiddewn up in the Ranges.

 The HUT

 Image from 'Guns and Horses'

This is a clip from THE LETTER

Using a Graphics editor I created new ARTworks.

Visit the ALBUM PAGE for new works! 





ArchiSpray Artwork

 The Argos Project  A free teaching site - art glossary

FREE ECARD  Send off our artworks as free ecards.

See our version of 'Ned Kelly and his Gang' artworks. ArchiSpray Paintings on stretched canvas and on prepared boards, plus carved cast plaster sculptures.

Building and Construction Industry themed ArchiSpray Paintings, plus other subjects.  ART PROJECT

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Glenrowan 1880  is a great site to vist in general, but if you are after news items this is the place to go. The Media Archive gives you access to a great collection to peruse. There is an equally enlightening section detailing most Books, Films and Statements to the Press regarding this Era. There is also a very nice section for Daves' Visitors/Contributors.

  All these Kelly Gang site owners seem to know each other, and Dave seems to be no less larger than life than the rest!

 Visit  Armour analysys - Joe Byrne


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We made many sculptures using the cast plaster method. A Sculpt was made and latexed. Using the Latex Skin we cast using fine plaster from Queensland. The cast plaster is then carved and shellacked (for protection).

This is a JUG form, one day a mould can be made and jugs cast from clay, plastic or other material.

'Mrs Kelly Jug' is inspired by Kellys' mother and sisters. We went to Beaverage and saw Mrs Kellys' house , still standing but in ruins. It must have been dreadful for her after all was said and done.