Bayside Studio and Showroom

Australian Art and Luxury Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster

                                                  Free Online Learning

We have been giving online classes at WizIQ for some years now, but have now chosen to use other platforms where more people can reach us.

We are developing a new APP from APPSBAR called 'Online Learning' where people can download free and access all kinds of info on tools, classes and such.

The APP will be availble in iPhone, ANDROID, Desktop and more formats.


                                    VOICE -Thread Interactive Class


I'm a member of the e-Teaching Community on WiZiQ. Join me on this community to get updates & access Free Resources.

                                    Us On WiZiQ

You can find my Profile on WiZiQ.


You can download the ARCHIVED Classes -

this is only one great feature that WiZiQ offers.


           Learn From The Master - Free Turtorials


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