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SCAM Letters

Don't be fooled!

You may get a request that:

- does not address you by name

- always needs you to send to other address

- has a new house/flat/office being remodelled/built

- does not mention your art, but asks for samples

- has no budget - everyone has a budget!

Email Letters

We get a few each week - they are easy to spot once you know what to look at.

Below is an example of what the latest letter looks like.

Although it is similar to previous Letters the current catch now seems to be that the Scammers use a nice GMAIL or other recognised email host using a normal sounding name.

The idea seems to be to make you think the person is a legitamate business person, often offering a link.

Once you read this draft you will see the pattern quite easily.

The Sender may well invent a family, add a few details to fluff out the story - but they are basically the same.


My name is Brad Scott. I am in process of giving my new house to an interior designer/decorator for designing/decoration of my new house. Its four flats of three bed rooms each, i need an artwork in each flat. Kindly get back to me with the best mediums of your art work drawings/painting which you believe will be good as my wife loves artworks so much. I will send you several good images of the pictures i want you to use for the artworks via Us Mail, UPS or FedEx on a CD or via email. Confirm if this will help. The pictures are 4 english houses which you will have a painting/drawing of them with a garden sorrounding it and one or two animals in there like birds. which is total of 4 art painting/drawings and in size of 30 x 40 inches each for the four flats. The artworks will be shipped unframed to my interior designer as she will put the flame and color to suit her colors as she suggested. All installations by the interior designer has to be from 20th of August 2010 and the artworks are expected to be shipped by then, kindly confirm that this will not pose any problem to you. Get back to me with your media, that's the types of paintings/drawings you makes e.g Digital & Mixed media Painting, Acrylics, Pastels and confirm the exact amount for each drawings to enable me make the selection and conclude payments arrangements for the drawing to commence as soon as possible . I hope your firm accepts credit card as mode of payment? Awaits your email with the confirmation that your firm can handle this and also with your media and cost. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Brad Scott.