Bayside Studio and Showroom

Australian Art and Luxury Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster


 BLUE Fine Finishes  

 We have developed Fine Finishes using the ArchiSpray method of applying Architectural Tints and Enamel on Ornate Plaster in the Studio.

 Studio finished Ornate Plaster is ready to be installed.

 Our uniqueFine Finishes are durable and easy to maintain.


 The choice of Blue Tints requires a bold hand in Interior Decorating. Using the Ceramic Blue Finish as a decorating Accent to a room is a wise decision. It will mix in with other appoinments easily. This Finish comes in High Gloss', 'Satin' and 'Matt'. Ceiling Rossettes and Vents can be added to create a matching suite of Ornate Plaster ornaments.



Ceramic Blue Fine Finish on Cornice


Bayside Eagle Blue


Bayside Eagle Blue is Brilliant

This is a lighter Finish than Ceramic Blue. Our Bayside Eagle Blue Finish has a tenderness and vunerability to it. A soft brushed effect gives room for a casual approach to decorating. Soft furnishings used to decorate can be more delicate in nature and easily combine to create a unique effect.


 Bayside Irridescent Blue Finish 



 Irridescent adds Romance

 Interior Decorators can use their imagination with this Fine Finish. Amazing Flooring, Window Treatments and Lighting will enhance your choice of using a irridescent highlight. Think of all the exotic Fabrics that you can use - Broacades, Satins and Silks will all match up beautifully with this innovative Finish.

Bayside Blue Paua Finish

Absolutely Stunning!

 This is an elaborate Finish. The colours in this Finish are multiple and complex. There is a fine Pearl glimmering behind the exisite canopy of tints.

 The more detailed Ornate Plaster pieces are suitable for this Finish. Simple or Plain decorations do not respond to this application and require a different technique to attract admiration.