Bayside Studio and Showroom

Australian Art and Luxury Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster




The only way to learn is to do it for yourself - I have been having a go at creating and publishing AUDIO, that accomplished marketing and sales are next!

Album ART - I use PICNIK and am learning AVIARY - too cool by far. PIXCAVATOR and a few other products have added to the mix.


I have been exploring AUDIO on Second Life and have been creating a few things.

Using TrakAx to create audio.




CD Burn unit on Second Life - this is my next Project.

I will use Hermes to create a virtual 3D CD of the AUDIO I made and Published on Amazon and a few other Music Sites.

Enjoy this awesome group of creatives in their video - you can get this in Second Life as a CD!(you can download the audio to your computer and hear it on your mp3 player)