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Decorative Ornate Plaster can be found in all types of Buildings. Some people are of the impression that only old homes have ornate plaster installed. Not True!!


I am giving examples for Melbourne Australia, but where ever you are located there are Retailers and Manufacturers who will help you make your selections.  

 References to PLASTER can be found on www.artlex .com .

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Selecting your Ornate Plaster

Some Considerations to make Prior to Purchasing

What you need to know about ornate plaster is that far from pointing to a display and saying "I like that!" there are many considerations to evaluate. I've tried to outline the most obvious!


The Maker   The Installer   The Light Guy    The Decorator 

Get as much information about your Project together as you can and present this to the Trade experts when making enquiries. They can't help if you don't have the information to give them for consideration. And just like a visit to the Doctor, get a second opinion!

 Here are a few things to think about..


 - this will effect which products you can select. If the Ceiling is very low there could be a problem selecting a Ceiling rose, and certainly a problem if a Fan or Lighting is being considered!  There are also PLASTIC or RESIN decorative pieces available. These are usually a little more expensive but are light and can be installed on false or dropped ceilings.


 - understand the process of installation and decoration as well as the cost of plaster products. If you are having a Light or Fan installed you will also require an Electrician.


 - Research your Project for historical value. Most designs are available for restoration


 - Get experts to carry out the work. There are all kinds of Plasterers and not all of them have the experience to install Ornate Plaster. Painters will sometimes offer to install for you as well. Painters often come in to a Renovating Project long after the Plasterer has finished his putting up Walls etc. As Ornate Plaster is a decorative device, it can often be an after thought. It is possible that a painter could well have a lot of experience installing Ornate Plaster. A painter might offer to spritz up a cieling rose with a flash of GOLD, but that's about it. There are decorative painters around that will paint up a Rose for you but it is a time consuming job and few will do much more than paint it the colour that matches your Walls (ceiling are invaribly a shade of White). We decorate plaster in our Studio and are able to perform all kinds of processes acheiving intricate Finishes such as Gilding. Our studio creates Luxury Finishes.


 - have an idea of what you can reasonably spend. Ornate Plaster is a luxury item that puts a higher value on your Project but only if it is carried out properly. More isn't always better, I say. The same with decorating - this is a luxury service and you can expect to pay big money. The high cost comes about because of the time consumed, products used and the intricate manner in which decoration is acheived.


 - There are a few time frames to think of when ordering Ornate Plaster. For example, are you decorating or restoring? You might be replacing a design that is no longer produced and that requires a new mould to be made from the existing plaster in place.  This requires an expert. The TIME FRAME for decorating has to be considered. If you only require a Painter to apply Ceiling White or add a tinted coat of paint you are sweet. If you are wanting Gilding, Marble or Pearl effects then you are looking at a time frame of up to as much as  3 weeks and sometimes even more for a larger Project.. Just the drying time between the decorative processes takes up time.


- Some of the best are the older Italian Plasterers. My guess is their training has been more complete, that is they seem to know all the secrets. If you check out the web sites you will see that a few of the manufacturers specialise in creating and restoring Designs.


 - You might be adding plaster to a new building and need to consider the materials used. The height of the ceiling will figure in this as will the general size and purpose of the room. There are many designs on the market today, but not every manufacturer produces every design, so you need to find a manufacturer that produces the sort of designs you are after.

PLASTER PRODUCTION - Plaster is a product that is usually produced on ORDER.  The whole process takes a certain amount of production time, as does the drying and curing of the plaster. If you Paint on plaster that has not been cured and dried properly and you can expect that the paint could well peel off at a later date. This is because the curing plaster emits a gas. The gas builds up into tiny tiny bubbles which lift the paint up. The paint eventually will split open and peel.


If you have the plaster installed there is a limlited amount of decorative painting possible. We offer a Service that delivers to the worksite decorated Ornate Plaster ready to install. Our Luxury Fine Finishes are durable and have been designed to be handled and are easy to maintain.


Here are some great LINKS. I encourage you to not only visit these Company websites, but give them a call and have a chat regarding your Project. Any queries or concerns you might have can be addressed this way and your decisions can be made with the industries top experts giving you advice and information.

All the best with your Projects. Please do not hesitate to enquire for any help or information you might require.

For Decorating information please go to the ABOUT PAINT PAGE or the Home Page.


The following companies are located in Melbourne. Some of them will Deliver. A couple of them are National companies and a few are boutique. Have a look and take your pick according to your requirements.

INFOLINK will help you locate and select any building product or Trade service you might require.

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