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On this page we will be discussing everything ABOUT PAINT. In the coming weeks I will add Topics of Interest, Links and Resources for the Paint Industry. If you would like to Contribute to this Page, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Nissan has developed a clear coating that repairs scratches.

Automotive paint has its uses in decorative painting. Automative Tints are much finer than architectural tints and the variety is endless There are also powders. For example I first used the pearl powder used in making up pearlised  and tinted automative paint. To create a good Pearl Finish was very difficult. We now have a plethora of acrylic pearl paints manufactured under various Brand names. Dulux also has a its own contribution to the Pearl Paint industry. I liken attaining a great pearl finish to the creation of the pearl. A bit of grit is slowly covered over and over until the pearl has been formed. The depth of lustre is equal to its beauty. In a pearl paint finish several coats are required to attain LUSTRE.

Most people would not consider giving any project more than a couple of coats, 3 at the most. I have found (especially with acrylics) that several coats are required for the metal, pearl and irridescent finishes. I use automative tints and paint because of their beauty and durability. When I finish off a project, especially an ArchiSpray Painting, I use a clear enamel. If I have the choice I use an automative product for the reason that the composition of the paint and the reliability of the spray can is far superior to that of a decorator or craft product.

I would like to try this new scratch be gone paint! My artwork gets handled quite a bit and scratches are unsightly and devalue artwork. Even the Fine Finishes we produce could benefit from a spray every few years to give Finishes an added lifespan.

Airbrush Artists would be happy with this product also. Application of this paint would save hours of work and keep their creations on the road looking fresh.

I will look into this development and get back to you.

Keeping Your Brushes Clean - DIY Handy Hints

Sometimes when you are working there are times when you might have to leave the job in a hurry with no time for a clean up.

  • Have a few plastic bags or wrap and towelling rag tucked away for emergencies.  You can then wipe off your brushes, soak the rag in water or turps and wrap. To keep airtight wrap in plastic. Clean them up properly when you get the chance. This effort can last a couple of days, but if you are using expensive brushes don't leave them any longer than absolutely necessary.
  • If you have left your brushes to harden with acrylic paint here is an old trick to save your brushes. Create an amount of plaster slurry and soak your brushes in this mixture. Plaster slurry is also used to lift acrylic (only) paint off Ornate Plaster prior to making a mould. The build up of paint takes away the defination of details on plaster and needs to be removed for a quality replication.
  • Have an assortment of good but cheap brushes on hand that can be used and disposed of without heartache! When you see brushes on sale grab them for another day, it always comes.
  • From time to time go through all your brushes and rags and sort them out. I scrub the handles and metal bands, check that there is no hidden tints, dust or paint lurking in the hairs by rinsing and dry them out nicely.

Even cheap brushes can last for years if you take the time to care for them properly.

INFOLINK will assist you to find any product or service you might require.

Melbourne Master Painters

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Here are some Links for Companies based in the States. This site has Step by Step Tutorials, Newsletter and great new Products.


Slime Eating Paint

Paint Development ANSTO Article on new paint formula for the Shipping Industry that will eat slime growing on the bottom of ships etc.

History of PAINT in Australia

Listed below are interesting Links to pages on the history of PAINT in Australia. I will be contacting various businesses to see if they would like to contribute information to this area. The people and places in history are of great importance to understanding the excelance of Product and Services we that we now enjoy.

Rather than have a great long LIST, I will take the opportunity to follow up each site and give you a short description of each link. This will give you a better idea of what is available and its' suitability to your search.

Should you know of any interesting Links or wish to submit your own Link, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email. If you or your company would like to submit a History article, that would be most welcome also.

Technology in Australia 1788-1988

 Paint Film Components    pdf

This is it - Hip Hop Lifestyle Shop 29 Swanston Street Richmond Melbourne VIC 3121  Amid the growing commercial applications of Grafitti here is a Shop that has Clothes Music Magazines and all the gear you could ever want to create a nice bit of Art. This art form (more often than not vandalism) has created a whole new area in the paint industry and that is products for removal of paint and paint that supposedly rejects vandalism. Melbourne is world famous for the extensive (and legal) grafitti artwork.


A few pointers on gilding projects


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