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ABOUT ArchiSpray Art

ArchiSpray Paintings

The paintings came about after the Sculptures were created. The distinctive style already captured in cast plaster is recreated in the ghostly images portrayed in these paintings.

ArchiSpray is a method of painting developed using Architectural Tints*. Each paint manufacturer developes their own Tints and Joan uses Dulux, Haymes and Wattle. These companies all produce quality Products so the difference is subtle.(*Automative Tints are used also)

Techniques for the laying of Tints is similar to that of both Water and Oil Painting. Joan uses both prepared hardboard and stretched canvas for these paintings. Other 'Objects' such as Lampshades have been painted but are not shown here.

Preparing the surface of the painting depends on the required outcome.  For example if the techniques to be used require the surface to mimic a thick, roughly surfaced water colour paper - a beautifully built matt finish will be employed to hold the applied Tints. By mixing and matching techniques a great array of effects can be created. Joan has painted on papers but found more artistic scope in preparing canvas and board.

Application of Tint is at times awkward and needs attention to detail.. All manner of impliments are used for the application in creating these works. Each application of Tint is enamelled and left to dry. In the painting 'The Letter' there are some 20 or more applications for example.

Some of the paintings are finished with a clear floor sealing product. Gilding has been applied to some of the paintings (on stretched canvas) around the frames' edges.

The Subjects of the paintings are purely Inspired and do not reflect any particular Historical Event.





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